Thursday, December 9, 2010

Green in the garden--the color, not the concept..

I realize that green in the garden now brings to mind such topics as--natural pesticides, native plantings, organic compost, beneficial insects... Green has taken on a whole new meaning--recycling, conserving, clean energy..  I'm all for the above, I'm as green as they come--I drive a Prius, I recycle or compost almost everything, I reuse, repurpose...

I'm not referring to the idea of green, but the color..

As long as I can remember, my favorite color has been green..   I love the textures, the smells, the hues/shades--anything associated with the color. I'm fascinated by the insects of this color that hide camouflaged among the leaves, or the green tree frogs that blend into the surroundings. There has been more than one occasion while weeding the garden that I have found a hidden creature on a leaf.-- Then of course I have to make a mad dash into my house, retrieve my camera and try to capture the visitor before it realizes it's been discovered!

  Herb and shade gardens are natural showcases of this color.  I planted herbs long before my love of pesto, just for the beauty of the plants, the aroma of the leaves. I know in shade gardens, people are always trying to "add color," find a plant that will brighten up the space.  This I don't understand, I think there is nothing more beautiful than how all the variations of the color blend and compliment each other.

I've actually considered creating a full-sun green garden.. with interesting foliage plants, unique flowers with green blooms, various evergreens, shrubs with variegated leaves, perhaps add a green wine bottle tree--maybe someday...
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  1. Green is the color to look at when you want to feel refreshed from all the stress of life...I was a young child when I saw a very tiny frog like that in your photo. I could not believe my eyes as I thought I am seeing just an illusion. I thought then that all frogs are big and not as tiny as my fingernails.

  2. There's an especially pretty light green zinnia I like, I think it's called Green Envy. If you don't already have it, you should look for it.

  3. Becky...Zinnias are some of my favorite flowers and I have planted that variety in the past. Thanks for reminding me..It's now on my "green" list!

  4. You've definitely got some beautiful greens - critters and all!



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