The Coop and Chickens

When we moved out of the city in 2002 to our current property on 7 acres, I started convincing Jeff, husband and builder of all things, that chickens were the next step to our country existence.  I knew that once he agreed to the prospect and he would be wholeheartedly committed to the venture.. He did go to the extreme and built a one-of-a-kind, deluxe chicken coop complete with a living roof!  I had no idea how easy and enjoyable raising chickens would be--it's also a great example to our teenage daughters that the freshest and most organic food is what you raise and grow yourself.
Click on the images below for the continuing story of the coop...

Coop Plans
Coop/Run Pics...
The Coop's Beginning...
Introducing the Chicks...
Tricks and Treats
Merry Christmas from the Coop!
Automatic Chicken Feeder
Automatic Chicken Feeder-
A Chicken's Comb-
more than a fashion statement..
Daughters and Chicks-
teens and pullets..
First Egg!
Cooped Up!
An Unexpected Loss and New Additions
Reader's Question:  Can I travel if I
have chickens and how do dogs interact
with chickens?
Tragedy and Comedy...
Reader's Question:
Is chicken manure safe to use as fertilizer?
Reader's Question:
How long are eggs safe to eat?
Living-Roof Coops
Beetles, Berries and Buffs
Reader's Question:
How do you keep chickens 

out of the garden?
A Peek Inside the Coop
Constructing a Dust Bath
Cats and Chickens...
Chicken Breeds 
5-egg Melt-in-your-Mouth
Pumpkin Bread
The Chicken Tractor
Molting Observations and
End-of-Year Thoughts...
Gardening with Chickens - Part 1
Why Chickens?
Gardening with Chickens - Part 2
The Set-up
Gardening with Chickens - Part 3
Gardening with Chickens - Part 4

National Poultry Day!

Spring in the Ozarks
There's More Than One Way to Boil an Egg!
Adding Color to the Flock
Broodiness in the Coop
Boredom in the Brooder
Breaking the Broody - Attempt #1
DIY: Chicken Feed Sack Tote
Breaking the Broody - Attempt #2
Cool Coops! - Re-purposed Car Coop
Free Range Chickens = Free Entertainment!
Salmonella: Protecting Yourself and Your Flock
Hot Weather, Cool Water
Cool Coops! - Pallet Coop
She's a Rooster!
Product Review: The Chicken Fountain
DIY: Chicken Waterer
The Fairest of the Fair
Cool Coops! - Bob Bowling Rustics
How to Photograph Chickens
Chickens in the Rain
Gardening with Chickens Update
Cool Coops! - The Cluck Bus
DIY: Chicken Manure Tumbling Composter
Cool Coops! - Re-purposed Trailer Coop
Reader's Question:
Are hedge-apples safe for my hens to eat?
Halloween Treats: Spiders!
Cool Coops! - Recycled Counter Coop
Pears, Pumpkins and Pardons
Chickens, Dogs and
Chicken Dog Treats
Chicken Tales!
An Egg Eating Snake!
Cool Coops!
Coopvilla in Coupville
A Patriotic Predator:
The Bald Eagle
Cool Coops!
The Chicken Castle
DIY: Raising Mealworms
(Part 1)
Book Review:
"Reinventing the Chicken Coop"
Chick Feeders / Bird Feeders
Green Eggs and Ham
Botanical Easter Eggs
DIY: Raising Mealworms
Cool Coops!
Solar Power Chicken Coop
Cats and Chickens
Cool Coops!
A Circular Coop
Community Chicken Keepers:
 Gnome Range Farms
Native American Turkeys
Cool Coop!
The Chick Compound
Community DIY:
Bag Collar Feeder
Cool Coops!
The Beach Shack
Community DIY:
Making a Dresser into a Brooder
Cool Coops!
Double Deck Chicken Coop
Chickens and Sunflowers
Book Review:
"Put an Egg on It"
Cool Coops!
Solar Powered and Full of Gadgets
Mealworm Molting Treats


  1. Your coop - and blog - are beautiful. I hope you will take a look at my Henhouse series at the commonweeder. I have a few more coops to visit - once the three feet of snow melts. It is interesting to see the ingenuity and variety of homemade coops.

  2. The Henhouse series is great! I also love homemade coops..the creativity is sometimes incredible. Thanks for sharing the hardwork and craftmanship that people have put into their projects--I can't wait to see more of your posts!

  3. hi can youshow or tell more details about the connevtion between the coop and run at the chain links run.thanks maggie ps dont know how to select profile. not very good on computer

  4. Maggie-I understand your frustration with computers, sometimes they have a mind of their own! If you click on the photo above of the coop/run connection, it will show more photos and explanations of how we attached the coop to the run.

  5. What great stuff! I have hopes that at some point I'll have chickens and your coop plans are inspiring. I just attended a program on green roofs and your application is wonderful. I must share that with our presenter and the other attendees! Thanks for providing these details...maybe I'll move a litte faster now!

  6. thanks, i want to do this to my runs i have two runs with a common side and i,ve been carring 5 lg. chicken and 6 bantams from the coop and runs and back every day i already have one poop door about one foot from one run and can make another door on the side wall for the other run.the poop door opens into the coop and is fastened from the inside maggie

  7. we are looking to do chickens soon as well - probably within a year or two at the latest. We will build or buy a moveable chicken coop on wheels. Rhode Island Reds, here we come!

  8. I need to make a feeder like that! We just got our first chicks a few weeks ago and we are totally learning as we go!

  9. I love the living roof! What did you do to protect the roof from water damage? I would like to build a living roof also, but wasn't sure how to do it. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you.

  10. Amanda:

    I love the loving roof also :) If you click on the "Living Roof Coops" photo above, the post gives a detailed description of how we made the roof (including how we water-proofed it)!

  11. This is a great coop. I am curious to see pictures inside the coop. The link to those photos above returns and error. Any chance seeing how you have the interior setup?


  12. Sorry Craig... All the links should be corrected now!

  13. Just came across your site this weekend - (thanks for linking up on Friday's Photo Blog Hop).

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your garden roof-top chicken coop. I'm hoping to get chickens sometime in the next year or two. I told my husband yesterday about your coop and that it's exactly what I'd like to have [him build ;)].

  14. Hey hey - we recently got some chickies of our own and this site is a big help until the 'Ultimate chicken manual' that I ordered picthes up! :) Thanx

  15. Thanks so much for posting this info and beautiful photos. I have a couple questions...
    1. Did you cut a hole into the kennel/run for the chickens to go into. I couldn't quite tell from the photos but it looks like their steps go into the run.

    2. Also, do you think the coop itself could be made mobile by the addition of wheels or is it too heavy?

    Thank you!

  16. If you click on the photo of the run-coop connection it will take you to more detailed tails and an explanation of how we attached the two. Their steps do go from the coop into the run...

    The coop is definitely too heavy for wheels. My husband said when he was building it that was so solid (and heavy) that we could use it as a storm shelter during a tornado!

  17. I so love your blog!

    i recently converted a single bed to a coop and raised 10 chickens (one died, have 9 only)! sad that i will have to cook them for my babys birthday but im planning to buy more for eggs!!!!

  18. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your garden roof-top chicken coop. I'm hoping to get chickens sometime in the next year or two.

  19. Did you cut a hole into the kennel/run for the chickens to go into. I couldn't quite tell from the photos but it looks like their steps go into the run.


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