Thursday, December 16, 2010

Automatic Chicken Feeder Plans/Blueprints

The automatic chicken feeder...  When we're talking about chicken feeders, it's the greatest contraption of all time!  For the complete story of the feeder, visit my post on Community Chickens. Click on this link...

    The feeder is basically made out of scraps left over from the coop construction... Pressure treated plywood and siding make up the frame of the feeder. The trim, treadle and flap are made using cedar fence board--only $1.79 a board at Home Depot...

    Here are the rough blueprints of the feeder...

     There is a slanted board on the inside of the feeder so the chicken feed will flow to the front..

    Hinged Flap..

    Be sure to view the video of the girls demonstrating how the feeder works!
      YouTube--Automatic Chicken Feeder

    Update:  Check out the article Jeff wrote for Grit magazine on his amazing chicken feeder!--There are also more detailed blueprints and instructions included... Here's the link:  How to Build a Chicken Feeder


    1. Never realized how cute chickens really are and the chick photos...very cute. Looks like a nice feeder and inexpensive! I just need some chicks...:)

    2. Nice job on the feeder! Very cleaver simple design.

    3. I love the feeder... it's both cute and useful.

    4. Thank you! I will have my husband build one of these. I wanted one but they are expensive. This should keep the mice out.

    5. You're right about the henway, and don't forget the hammerfor. (Driving nails)

    6. thank you so much for sharing! i'm going to make one myself. love it!

    7. Hello again, I figured out that if I double clicked on the image, and then clicked on the + sign it would enlarge and can then be read. Thank you again for sharing.

    8. Thanks for sharing the plans!

    9. Building this with my 70 yr old Dad this week. He's going to share his building knowledge for an awesome feeder for my young chicks. Thanks for a great plan!



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