Butterfly Gardening

Click on each image below to view a more detailed description of my garden and more info on each butterfly...



  1. These are gorgeous! would love to try this. I live in Wichita.Kansas. Would this be possible for me to try? Thanks for sharing.
    Carla Mears

  2. I just got certified as a Monarch Waystation last summer and raised my first monarchs..Michelle

  3. Thank You for sharing. Reading and watching your website gives me pangs of homesick, while at the same time putting a smile on my face. I am a grandmother attending nursing college, and cannot be on our little farmstead in SW MO right now. I miss it so much.
    By sharing your little bit of heaven with some of us, well........you have given me a little gift of your heaven.
    Thank You.

  4. des belles idées pour le jardin.

  5. Butterfly gardening can be a terrific way to supply food for butterflies, pollinate plants, and delight in observing them fly around. The fulfillment which gardeners get through watching butterflies and various wildlife within their gardens is an outstanding reward for their gardening endeavours.

  6. Everybody appreciates watching butterflies shuddering about among blooms. By making a garden particularly for butterflies you can pull in and appreciate significantly a greater amount of these lovely animals. This useful article demonstrates to you proper methodologies to make a butterfly safe house in your yard.



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