Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Royal Walnut Moth...

My husband, who has no fear of snakes or spiders, for some reason has an aversion to moths.  This one, however, he thought was interesting enough that he told me of its location....

The Royal Walnut Moth or Regal Moth is the largest moth (mass-not wingspan) north of Mexico.  The larva's host plants include Black Walnut trees and even though I have an abundant supply of Walnut trees, this is the first time I have ever seen this moth at our property.  Thanks Jeff!

Visit NatureFootstep for additional photography of winged wildlife.


  1. That's such a spectacular Moth, very exotic. Looks almost as big a small bird.

    My Dad, who has always rescued me from Spiders of all sizes since I was a kid, is utterly terrified of Moths, especially big, hairy ones like this one.

  2. it is probably sleeping hanging like that. But in the open like that?

    Nice shots. :)

  3. So unusual! It's actually quite pretty.

  4. You say this is the largest moth north of mexico. I'm sorry but I was out walking one evening around 15 years ago and came across a moth laying along the edge of the roadway. Looked like it may have been slightly struck by a passing car while in flight which knocked it to the ground. It wasn't damaged badly but was struggling a bit to get up and take off again. Back to the size matter. This moth had a wingspan that was at least 6 inches across if not more. It was not a royal walnut moth. It had much more pronounced and brilliant coloring. Blacks as dark as coal, reds bright like rubies, and some sunshine yellow. How I wish that we had digital cameras or cellphones with cameras back then!!! I considered picking it up and taking it home to mount it but it was obviously going to live and fly agaian so I just couldn't bring myself to kill such a magnificent creature! Bruce

    1. Mass-not wingspan... I suppose that is just another way of saying it's the heaviest. I agree there are a lot of moths that appear to have a larger wingspan. :)



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