Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Butterfly Garden Plot...

2011 Garden Resolution:  Plot my gardens...
This is a simple, amateur attempt to somehow organize, categorize, label my garden.  I needed a way to remember what I had planted--and where they were. I know this blueprint will be modified this spring when plants start emerging that I have forgotten, but at least I'll have a start and it will be easy to go back and add a new purchase or delete a plant that didn't survive the winter. Eventually, I'll plot my berry beds, shade garden, Iris bed, vegetable garden....  This may be an annual garden resolution!
I simply used a greeting card program that I already had, plotted out the basic design of the garden, then referenced each plant with a an on-line description and a photo I have taken.. Hopefully it will help me remember the Latin names better, but I doubt it...

6:  Passiflora incarnata 'Purple Passion Flower'  photo
     *host plant to the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly  photo
D, F
Pipevine Arbor

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gardeners' New Year Resolutions!


  1. So great you have a lot to do for the garden, so many plants and flowers. Be sure to show us how they develop. And best luck for this starting year!

  2. And I thought I had a large garden. What a great idea for keep in track of your plant inventory.

  3. what a wonderful plot for the butterflies...I love how you have laid it out..wish i could be better about planning...good luck...love to see pics once it is done

  4. Wow, how detailed is this, fantastic idea.

  5. Dear Rebecca, I am so.o.o impressed with your garden plans! Thank you for visiting my blog. I shall return to yours again. P. x

  6. Thanks, I just realized that I didn't include all the different weeds that are scattered throughout the garden!

  7. Wonderful blog and I have enjoyed reading about your hens. A great idea making a plan for your butterfly garden!

  8. Nice post and a great resource for gardeners putting together a butterfly garden. You even attached photos...I am impressed. :)
    I have milkweed planted by my butterfly bush and those are my main attractions. I also planted parsley which is suppose to attract butterflies. Enjoyed your post.

  9. I love that you have spicebush and rue on your plants list (actually, an overall impressive list of butterfly host plants). Very nice garden plan, too!

  10. I thought I left a comment earlier but I guess it didn't go through. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your plans. If I were a butterfly, I would hang out there. Can't wait to see it in all it's glory. I saw that you're an ICU nurse. I'm an ICU pharmacist.

  11. Great list! I have almost all of those in my garden, except for the spicebush. It's roots wre eaten by voles and I had to pull it out. Grr.. I have different salvias/coreopsis but yours look beautiful!! Last summer my rue had giant swallowtail caterpillars. They look like a cross between bird poo and a big-heaed snake, so keep your eyes out! Curley parsely will attract swallowtails who lay their eggs in it. You might want to consider adding bronze fennel. It's an insectary plant and attracts a ton of beneficials. :o)

  12. Hi Rebecca, this is a good way of doing it. I chickened (pun intended)out and just did an A-Z list but yours is a map as well. cheers, catmint .PS love your blog.

  13. Really Great Post :D
    thought you might like my machinima film the butterfly's tale~
    Bright Blessings
    elf ~

  14. You've said you live on 7 acres. How much area does this butterfly garden cover? Thanks!



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