Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Butterfly Garden Plot...

2011 Garden Resolution:  Plot my gardens...
This is a simple, amateur attempt to somehow organize, categorize, label my garden.  I needed a way to remember what I had planted--and where they were. I know this blueprint will be modified this spring when plants start emerging that I have forgotten, but at least I'll have a start and it will be easy to go back and add a new purchase or delete a plant that didn't survive the winter. Eventually, I'll plot my berry beds, shade garden, Iris bed, vegetable garden....  This may be an annual garden resolution!
I simply used a greeting card program that I already had, plotted out the basic design of the garden, then referenced each plant with a an on-line description and a photo I have taken.. Hopefully it will help me remember the Latin names better, but I doubt it...

6:  Passiflora incarnata 'Purple Passion Flower'  photo
     *host plant to the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly  photo
D, F
Pipevine Arbor

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