Tuesday, February 22, 2011

American Goldfinch-Showing its true colors..

Spring is in the air..  I can feel it and as I watch the birds, I can see it!  The American Goldfinch is the only finch in it's subfamily that undergoes a complete molt.  The male is a vibrant yellow in the summer and in winter loses it's black cap and turns to a drab yellow-brown.  Why they undergo this change is unknown... It's most likely a camouflage protection to hide from predators, but bright feathers don't seem to detour the Cardinals, Bluebirds and Blue-jays that visit my feeders throughout the winter months.  Whatever the reason, I view the Goldfinch's seasonal change as a welcomed sign that spring will once again awaken my garden with color...

American Goldfinch-showing the beginnings
of its spring color change.
American Goldfinch-with its bright summer feathers
blending in perfectly among the sunflowers!


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