Thursday, April 7, 2011

Earth Day & Sustainable Gardening...

To celebrate Earth Day-April 22, 2011, the Gardeners' Sustainable Living Project, is holding it's 2nd annual campaign for gardeners to share how they are actively practicing a greener lifestyle and contributing to protect our environment.  If you visit this site and leave a comment indicating what you're doing to be a little "greener" in the garden, you'll be included in a drawing for 21 awesome garden products.  If you go a step further and link to a post you've created that demonstrates your sustainable practices, you'll have the chance to win a compost tumbler or rain barrel.  I obviously want to be included in that drawing!

What is sustainable gardening? - Organic practices (avoiding pesticides and chemicals), replenishing the soil (composting), water conservation (rain barrels, mulching, xeriscaping, incorporating native plants into the landscape), re-purpose, reuse, recycle...

What's my contribution to sustainability? Chickens and worms...

I have two of the world's greatest organic garbage disposers.  My kitchen scraps and garden remains are given to the chickens who eagerly devour my leftovers and deposit a wonderful "fertilizer" in the process.  Their waste, along with the coop bedding, is added to the compost bin and later incorporated back into the garden soil.  What few table-scraps that they don't prefer (such as coffee grounds, tea-bags, egg shells) are given to my composting worms.  These red-wigglers have a huge appetite and can recycle my trash into the richest compost at an incredibly fast speed.  Their castings are then worked back into the soil and the cycle continues...

Visit the Earth Day Network to learn about the A Billion Acts of Green campaign.


  1. Oh wow, thank you for sharing this, Rebecca! I know you garden sustainably every day--and I, personally, don't come close to gardening the way you do. I am simply learning about all these great things and composting is just one thing I do. I don't have chickens but really wish I could have them (just not something we are allowed here in our suburban lots with an HOA!). They are the perfect combination for a great garden, I can see that. Love the fact that you have a worm bin, as well. I haven't gotten into that yet, but it may happen at some point. I definitely see how it works like magic:-)
    Thanks for linking to my project/giveaway--and good luck to you;-) Jan

  2. You've just made my day! I had no idea I had a contribution to sustainability. But if having chickens and worms counts than I'm cover in sustainability. And like you, our girls and boy get all kitchen scraps and eagerly devour them, then they leave fertilizer all over the place in convenient little travel size packs. You've inspired me to take it to the next step and not use any synthetic fertilizer of pesticides this year in the garden.
    Sustainability? I knew taking the first step might be confusing and difficult. I took it and didn't even realize it or 'feel a thing." Taking it to the next step I hope will be a breeze. Wish me luck. I'll need all you can've never seen my garden.
    the wanna be country girl - Caroline

  3. We've got an about half-sustainable garden. No commercial fertilizer, just semi-composted rabbit manure from the rabbits we raise. (Of course, we must buy commercial feed for the rabbits.) All organic (non-meat) kitchen wastes go into the compost bin and eventually end up back in the garden. We've tried worms, but just couldn't seem to get the process worked out.

    Congratulations on your high degree of sustainability!

  4. I have a worm bin in my basement. I just fed them a dinner of stale Rice Krispies, coffee grounds, and some fruit! I just wish I had chicken, too!!



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