Thursday, August 25, 2011

August Wildflowers...

Wildflowers this month found throughout my property...  Some were planted on purpose, some are native to this area and some in reality are probably considered more of a weed...

Last year this flower came up by volunteer in my flower garden.  I let it bloom, but it reseeded like crazy. Now I just let it stay a true wildflower--in the field...

Didn't plant it--came with the property...

I think I had a photo of this flower last month, but it's still blooming profusely--it deserves to be added to this month as well...

I bought this plant last year off Craig's List from a man that lived out in the middle of no-where...  I went by myself to his house which was off a dirt road in a rather scary part of the Ozarks.  Have you ever seen Winter's Bone or Deliverance?  It turned out that he was just a crazy gardener like myself...

This pretty vine is actually a weed, but it appeared climbing up a sunflower and now I don't have the heart to remove it...

What's odd about this plant is that a friend gave me the seeds several years ago (which I planted), but this is the first year it's appeared in my garden.  The flowers bloom during the night until about noon the next day.  It's become one of my favorites--it's drought tolerate (I've never watered it) and it doesn't have a leaf that a bug has chewed on.--That's probably because Datura is a member of the nightshade family and all parts of this plant are toxic.

A favorite of butterflies, including this Spicebush Swallowtail...

For more info and photography of wildflowers, visit Clay and Limestone's Wildflower Wednesday and Cottage Flora Thursdays.


  1. I love the Datura, too. I have one that is about 10 feet wide growing beside my deck. I think it would take over my whole deck if I let it. Last night there must have been 200 blooms on it. The air was perfumed!! Ha -- we were just on some back roads of Georgia, and my husband said..."I think I hear banjos playing." Never heard of buying plants off Craig's list. Too funny.

  2. Hello Becks!

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    If you accept the idea is (I think) to continue the link...

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  3. Gorgeous wildflowers! Their natral beauty beats anything created in a lab. Just for your own safety, there are numerous online nurseries that sell native vines at affordable prices, such as Brushwood. (

  4. Thank you for stopping by. You truly have some beauties to share ... great images!

  5. Beautiful. I've got seeds ready waiting for last frost to end! I love wildflowers and the look of a meadow.
    Thistles are so pretty.

  6. Beautiful photos, Rebecca! Since I started participating in Wildflower Wednesday, I've come to appreciate many of the lovely weeds, er, wildflowers on my property, too:) Your search for the passionflower sounds like quite an adventure; glad it all turned out well!

  7. What lovely flowers! They're beautiful!

    Thanks for following my site! I would really like to follow you back, but I don't see a Google Friend Connect followers box on your blog? Am I missing it? I can't follow using the top button anymore - it doesn't work for me, so I need the box. You have a wonderful blog, and I look forward to reading more!

  8. Hi again! I can see the box now. But google is not letting me sign in to follow you. Even though I'm already signed in. Really weird. It must be having issues today. I'm following you on twitter now, and I'm going to add you to my google reader for now. And once I can follow you with GFC, I will!!

  9. Such beautiful photos! The passion flower is especially lovely and I enjoyed hearing of its provenance! Larry

  10. There's thistle growing wild in our floodway fields and it's a favorite of the goldfinches! Love the story of how your got the passionflower. It's always fun to meet other crazy gardeners!

  11. Gorgeous! You should follow my blog!

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