Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October Wildflowers...

The first frost of fall has already arrived in the Ozarks, but I was able to get a shot of the last fall-blooming wildflower on my property.  Now the countdown until spring begins...

For more info and photography of wildflowers, visit Clay and Limestone's celebration of wildflowers the 4th Wednesday of each month. To view more Wednesday photography, visit Wordless Wednesday and Faith, Hope & a whole lotta love photography.


  1. Becks, they are lovely. Another wildflower I'll have to try and find for next years sowing...

  2. I'm a little bit further north - apparently we may have frost tonight. I am charmed by the idea that the first frost signals the countdown to spring. So much better than thinking about the cold and snow ahead.

  3. I have been seeing many swamp sunflowers lately and your photos are two of the best.

  4. These are beautiful! Love the close-ups!

    No backyard chickens at our house yet, but planning for some once our boys get a little older!



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