Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

--spiders, snakes, and creepy things...

deadly, but beautiful...

kills rats (they can stay)...

Eastern Tent Caterpillars--
Missouri native, but a destructive defoliator... 

Garter Snake--
lives in my garden (always makes me jump)...


  1. OMG - having something like that spider crawling around gives me chills.

    Rat snakes are a good idea though! :-)

  2. Oooo, those are creepy! Made me shiver! Believe it or not, the photo that creeped me out the most is the tent caterpillars...and they don't even bite!

  3. Oh, and perfect post for Halloween!

  4. I love your pic of the black widow. That's actually the reason we got chickens. We had an outbreak of hundreds of black widows. They were beautiful but so deadly with young kids around. (I actually found the first one in their sandbox!) Terminix couldn't really do anything about them. So we went the natural way and got chickens. They love black widows and are very thorough. Since we got the chickens, we've only seen one black widow. (Knock on wood!)

  5. As always, beautiful photos! I hope they all got to stay except the black widow. She's just too dangerous to let be. Maybe the chickens make a snack of her.

  6. We found 3 black widows this past summer over the course of a few months....2 in our bee hives & a huge one on a tractor that my husband & 6 yr old son were using. Im 43 and have NEVER even seen one then we find 3 in 2 months time, very scary.

    We live in west Michigan



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