Friday, September 14, 2012

September Blooms

..or  What Blooms in a Drought

This has definitely been the most colorless season I've had in my flower gardens. One reason - the 3rd summer of drought; the second reason: I've fenced the chickens out of the kitchen garden so they've made a scratched-up mess of every garden bed they have access to. Next year--I'm adding more fencing...

For some unknown reason, it seems that yellow is the theme for this early fall season. Maybe yellow flowers are more drought tolerant than other colors? Whatever the reason, here's what is left of a summer of record high temperatures and little rainfall...

Flore Pleno (Helianthus multiflorus) ~ perennial sunflower

Cheap, easy-to-grow annual Sunflowers :)

Ashy Sunflower (Helianthus mollis) ~ a perennial native...

Golden Rod ~ several native varieties in the Ozarks 

New addition to the kitchen garden: a little toad house from a local artist!
I planted marigolds in the kitchen garden last year and my husband referred to them as an "unexpected beauty." When he notices flowers--I remember it...
I will always plant these unexpected beauties!

Garden Bloggers' Boom Day


  1. I just love the toad house. Reminds me of a bean pot that my grandmother gave me. Yes, we had very little rain this year, and I am so curious what the winter weather will hold. Thank you for a bit of sunshine added to my day! ~Melissa

  2. We've had a hot, dry Summer here in Mississippi too.
    My Sunflowers have already finished their bloom, but Golden Rod is coming along to give a little color.
    My Mums are beginning to bud, so there is a promise of blooms to come.
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. I empathize with your hot and dry summer for we have had the same thing. My monarda never even bloomed, and some of my other plantings suffered and did not perform as well as usual. Despite your summer, your plants look beautiful. The sunflowers make me smile.

  4. Beautiful photographs, admiring flowers is giving much joy. I am greeting

  5. Just love your sunflowers - my favourite!! And the toad house - how gorgeous that is!

  6. I completely feel your pain. Our garden looks so tired right now, and we've actually had a summer with decent rain for South Carolina. Our girls are also making a mess of the beds around the pool--their coop and run is directly behind our pool area, but we're adding an extra gate to the fence this fall so we can more easily let them out to forage in the forest while I'm working in the large kitchen garden. I like your theory about yellow perhaps being more drought tolerant--I wonder, because it seems to be the same in our gardens! (BTW, our girlie competed in her first chicken showmanship competition this weekend--it was too fun! She was quite proud of her blue ribbons!) ;-) Look forward to visiting your garden--and your girls--again soon! Happy Bloom Day to you!

  7. I am glad you had some blooms to share for GBBD. It has been a frustrating summer for our region as well with very dry and hot conditions. My monarda never grew tall and blossomed. And a couple of my buddleia seemed less enthusiastic as in previous years. I hope next year is different. That sunflower is a stunner. And I love the toad house.



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