Thursday, February 14, 2013

February Blooms ♥

Galanthus nivalis 'Snowdrops'

We haven't had much of a winter in southwest Missouri...  A couple of days with a dusting of snowflakes and a few nights of freezing temps - and that's been about the extent of our winter months. In fact, several of my perennials that usually die back and go dormant, have remained green throughout the winter...

I can't say that I've missed the cold, but I would love one "real" snowstorm before spring officially arrives. However, I'm thrilled I have a few early spring blooms starting to appear and I'm already planning what new plants to add to the kitchen garden this year.

Here's a few mid-February blooms to share...

Sure sign of spring: the crocus ♥
New this year!
Hamamelis vernalis 'Ozark Witch Hazel'
Winter blooms - Hellebores!
Esther, the Cinnamon Queen, foraging for any surviving winter bug or grub...
May Dreams


  1. I love all the beautiful blooms...the witch Hazel is lovely but the cinnamon hen is the best! I m so going to have me some hens at my new house.....Blessings!

  2. What a lovely spring picture of Esther, foraging in the snowdrops :) x

  3. Beautiful blooms!
    I always enjoy seeing the chickens, too!
    Happy Bloom Day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  4. Sweet Esther among the snowdrops, what a photo! Happy Bloom Day.

  5. Snowdrops are my instant favorite the first and only time i saw them. I wonder if i will ever see them again in person. I am glad that almost every blog from the temperate climates have snowdrops, crocus, hellebores and witchhazel. I already know them very well now.

  6. We've had a mild winter as well, but I still don't have anything blooming yet. I enjoyed seeing your blooms & can't wait until mine are blooming as well. Esther is beautiful.

  7. Chickens and flowers. Actually, I enjoyed all of your photos. We aren't quite ready for early spring flowers here in upstate NY - but, give it another month...Happy GBBD! (I've also followed you on Pinterest.)

  8. Pretty blooms! The first spring/winter blooms always cheer the soul! They would look pretty in a blanket of snow too!

  9. I enjoyed your blooms and, of course, Esther. We're making do with a few daffodils and some Johnny-Jump-Ups.

  10. Sweet Esther among the snowdrops, what a photo! Happy Bloom Day.

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