Friday, November 15, 2013

The Dickcissel

Male Dickcissel
Since I've started taking notice of the birds surrounding my property - not just the ones that visit my bird-feeders - I've been amazed at the variety of species that occupy my rural Missouri backyard that I wasn't aware of before...

The Dickcissel is described by Audubon as a miniature meadowlark - which is what I thought I was photographing until I viewed the photos a little closer. It's a summer resident of the Midwest residing in open fields feeding on seeds and insects.

Female Dickcissel
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  1. He is really pretty....I love to feed and watch the birds.

  2. Great looking bird - I like the yellow!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Okay, this is totally ironic!!! When we were out birding yesterday, I came upon what I thought was a dickcissel...but I'm thinking now what I saw was a meadowlark...the beaks are quite different...the dickcissel has a 'grosbeak' appearance while the meadowlark's is somewhat slimmer and longer....what do you think?

    1. That's what threw me too... The beak and not a black V of the meadowlark.

  4. The Dickcissel is a beautiful bird. Lucky you! Great shots!

  5. they come thru here during migration. they are such cute and vocal little things. love that you caught these great shots.

  6. A beautiful little bird! I love the second photo.

  7. That little yellow one has a nice pose



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