Monday, November 22, 2010

Register Your Garden as a Monarch Waystation

The Monarch is truly an amazing butterfly...  Each season, four generations are born, the first three generations live about two to four weeks, but the 4th generation migrates to warmer climates in Mexico and California and then returns to North America in the spring, living a total of six to eight months and traveling close to 2500 miles!  The monarch migration is one of the world's greatest natural wonders, yet it is threatened by habitat loss in North America - at the overwintering sites and throughout the spring and summer breeding range as well.

*What is a Monarch Waystation?…

Monarch Waystations provide Monarchs with a much-needed habitat for feeding, mating and rearing young. Without milkweeds and nectar sources throughout their spring and summer breeding areas in North America, Monarchs would not be able to produce the successive generations that gather for the migration each fall.

*What are the Requirements of a Waystation?…

Size and Location:  The site needs to be in an area of at least 6 hours of daily sun exposure and a minimum size of 15 square yards--this can be an existing garden or landscape area.

*Shelter and Plant Requirements:  It is recommended to have ten milkweed plants of two different species, but the minimum requirement can be met with only one established milkweed plant with ten separate shoots.  The minimum requirement of nectar sources is four perennial or annual flowering plants. To increase the number of Monarchs surviving, the plantings of the milkweed and nectar sources should be relatively close together, but not overcrowded.  This will provide some shelter for eggs and larva as well as protection for the butterfly during all life stages.

*Managing and Sustaining the Site:  To complete the application for certification, an agreement to maintain certain management practices must be fulfilled.  These requirements include eliminating the use of insecticides, using natural fertilizers or compost, maintaining the area…

*What is the Cost of Certification?…

A $16 non-refundable application processing fee is required for each site to be registered. Once approved, you will receive a certificate and your site will be added to the International Monarch Waystation Registry.  A 9x12 weather proof sign to display in your Waystation can be purchased for $17.

*How do I Register my Site?

Applications, either on-line submission or by mail are available at Monarch Watch--For more information on Monarch conservation as well as a complete listing of milkweed species and suggested nectar sources, please refer to this site.

By creating and maintaining a Monarch Waystation you are contributing to monarch conservation, an effort that will help assure the preservation of the species and the continuation of the spectacular monarch migration phenomenon. -- Monarch Watch

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  1. I hope many register. Monarchs are one of my favorite butterflies. I do miss seeing them around too.



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