Saturday, October 15, 2011

October Blooms...

One of the gardens I volunteer at as a Master Gardener is the Xeriscape Demonstration Garden....  I helped with the "fall clean-up" earlier this week and couldn't believe how many flowers were still in bloom.--Despite the fact that it's October and we've had little rain and record high temps this summer.

The whole concept of this garden is interesting--it demonstrates the efficient use of water in landscaping. The garden is divided into different zones, each with varying water requirements. The beds that receive no watering at all are still bursting with color due to careful plant selection--tough, drought tolerant varieties...

Since my gardens aren't much to look at this month, I thought I'd share the blooms from the Xeriscape. The fall perennials are exploding with blooms (asters and mums), but there are also annuals still performing, perennials displaying a second bloom and some flowering shrubs and plants that have never stopped blooming!

Dahlia 'Mystic Enchantment'

Dahlia 'Mystic Illusion'

 Verbena bonariensis--Annual, but reseeds...

 Black-eyed Susan Vine--a great annual climber.

'Annual Flowering Tobacco' This tall annual reseeds throughout the garden...


 Buddleia x weyeriina--Butterfly Bush 'Honeycomb'

 Migrating Monarch!

Asters and Mums...

Yarrows--a second boom this season!

For more photos of October blooms, visit the sites:


  1. Reseeders and Butterflies, what a combo!

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Love your critters and those flowers in abundance. Great captures too!

  3. Wow wonderful photo's. Happy Bloom day

  4. A lot of beautiful flowers in the xeriscape garden! Happy GBBD.

  5. lovely flowers and visitors :) thanks for joining weekend flowers!

  6. aloha,

    i love all the colors in your garden, its dazzling and the butterfly visits are a nice touch :)

  7. Those aster and the mums are just loaded with blooms. Love the shades of orange as well.

  8. Oh, I love that verbena - those tiny little purple flowers. Everything else is beautiful too, but I just saw you have a post about molting chickens. This is my first year with molting chickens and boy am I missing those eggs!

  9. The gardens are bursting there! Amazing how the plants thrive when they are given the right conditions!

    I'm currently taking the Master Gardener training and am loving them! Looking forward especially to being able to volunteer in the different gardens around the city. Happy GBBD!

  10. Oh, these are beautiful. And drought tolerant, too! Wonderful combination. Happy GBBD!

  11. They look so lush and healthy, beautiful flowers, but i love most the unique stem colors of your dahlia.

  12. A most brilliant, colorful post! Oh how I would love to visit those beautiful gardens. Your photographs are unique and stunning! All are lovely!

  13. A riot of colour Becks, and great to see it now the garden is starting to look rather drab here.

  14. Nice post, a great illustration of wise plant choices and water usage!

  15. Wow, I'm so impressed by all your flowers! I harvested most of the last of the garden this week - still have a few peppers out there.

  16. I've never found the pink yarrows very xeric. Mine love moister soil. Everything looks so happy and vibrant. :o)



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