Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shades of Autumn: Hickory

Fall in the Ozarks...

This old Mockernut Hickory tree stands proudly at the front of my long driveway. It's one of my favorites not only because it welcomes me each time I return home, but I also appreciate its year-round interest. Especially in the fall when it turns a brilliant gold.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, about three-fourths of the trees in Missouri are either hickory or oak trees and are the most numerous species of trees in the state.

On my property, I would say that about three-fourths of the trees are either oaks or black walnuts...  I do have several hickory trees, but it's not until the fall that I realized just how many I do have--when their colors stand out the most...

The fruit or the nuts of the hickory are eaten by squirrels, mice and deer. As with other hickories, its leaves are food for large, showy moths, including the luna moth, several colorful underwing moths and the giant regal moth or royal walnut moth, which has an impressive 6-inch wingspan. (See photos of the moth I found on my property by clicking here: Royal Walnut Moth).

Hopefully this stately tree will continue to welcome my friends and family to my home for many years to come!

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  1. Beautiful tree! We used to visit the Ozarks quite a bit when I was young and it's so nice out there.

  2. Your Hickory tree sure is stately and gorgeous! Love the beautiful golden color of the leaves. Lovely photographs!

  3. What beauty you have so close!!Enjoy the evening!!

  4. What a beauty!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  5. Beautiful! Awesome tree and photo ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  6. That's so interesting about the moths and hickory trees. We have several large old hickory trees in the yard, but I never thought to look for moths. Usually, this time of year I try not to stand under the trees because the hickory nuts are huge and I'm afraid I'd get hit on the head with one. :)
    Your hickory tree looks very much like mine, except mine hasn't changed color that much yet.

  7. So pretty. Our trees are going the other way here of course being that it is spring now.

    Just dropping by to let you know, I finally fixed up my blogroll page and you're on it. I read your blog in my blog reader whenever you post, I get a copy. :)




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