Thursday, March 5, 2015

Facebook Giveaway!

Over 4000 "likes" on Facebook! - Time for a Giveaway!
Leave a comment on my Facebook page (this link) and in 1 week (March 8) I'll randomly choose a winner. They will then get to choose a glass bottle bird feeder, "The Bistro" from our Etsy shop! - Share our page and this giveaway with all your bird-loving friends!!…


  1. it is lovely to see the birds like the feeder

  2. Oh, those are so pretty. I hope I win! Congratulations on all those Facebook likes!

  3. Congrats on getting 4000 LIKES!! I know how exciting it can be to see your site grow. I absolutely love the bird feeder you are giving away. Living in an apt makes it harder to enjoy much of nature, but I try to do what I can through flowers, container gardening and doing my part to attract a variety of winged friends. :-)

  4. Dang, kinda wish I had a facebook account now. Those are beautiful. Oh well! Congratulations on the LIKES. I can see why as I enjoy you blog.

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